Conditional on Builders Report


This agreement is conditional upon the Purchaser being satisfied with a report on the watertightness and structural integrity of the building/s on the property, such report to be obtained by the Purchasers at their cost from a registered building certifier or tradesperson of the Purchasers choice.
Should the Purchaser in good faith be dissatisfied with any matter contained in the report then within 5 working days of the date of this agreement he shall serve written notice on the Vendor advising the reasons for his dissatisfaction and supplying relevant documentary evidence. Failure to serve such notice shall be deemed to be acceptance by the Purchaser of any defects.
In the event that the purchaser serves notice of his dissatisfaction, then the Vendor may within 2 working days of receipt of such notice warrant in writing to the Purchaser that he will prior to settlement and at the Vendors expense make good the defects to a good and workmanlike standard. In the event that the Vendor does not issue such a warrant within the stated time then this agreement shall be voidable by notice in writing by the Purchaser to the Vendor at any time within a further 3 working days.


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