Notice of Cancellation of Agency
                          Address of Property for Sale
Please take notice that I/we have appointed XYZ Real Estate Ltd as Sole Agent for the sale of the above property and authorised them to deliver this notice to you. 
Your agency shall terminate immediately upon receipt of this notice unless your agency appointment specifies a cancellation period in which case cancellation will take effect as provided for in that appointment. If your sole agency has not yet terminated then this notice shall take effect forthwith at the termination of the sole agency. In either circumstance and to avoid confusion and ensure recognition of your agency until cancellation has taken effect, you should complete the details in the panel below and fax this notice back tothe Sole Agent. 
If anyone introduced by you during your agency wishes to purchase the property after your agency has terminated, you must contact the Sole Agentprior to presenting any offer.
Please remove any signs and return any keys for the property to me prior to the end of your agency.
I/we acknowledge that in giving this notice I/we are relying on our own judgement and that I/we were advised of the need to cancel all agencies and of the consequences if any existing agencies are not cancelled.   XYZ Real Estate Ltd has provided me/us with this form and has advised me/us of the circumstances under which your rights may continue beyond the termination of your agency. 
The person signing this notice warrants that if they are not the sole proprietor/owner of the property they have the absolute authority of all proprietors/owners to make this appointment.
I/we have advised XYZ Real Estate Ltd that the companies noted below are the only ones holding an agency for the sale of the property.
I/we acknowledge that I/we have been given a copy of this Notice at the time of signing.
                                         Name of Principal (Vendor Giving Notice)                                       
______________________________________________________     __________________
                      Signature of Principal/s (Vendor/s)                                                                                         Date Signed
Notice of Cancellation to be sent to:
(Please confirm in writing the cancellation period in your Agency Agreement. Failure to do so within 3 days of receipt of this notice will be taken as acceptance of the cancellation and therefore that your agency has terminated.     Please complete the panel below and return by fax.)
Return to XYZ Real Estate Ltd:         Fax nnn-nnnn
General Agency Name_____________________________________Cancellation period:____days