Explanation:   Generally you should not give a purchaser access to a property prior to settlement.   However, there are occasions when this can be done, for instance if the purchaser wishes to take measurements, undertake some work, or store their goods.  It should never be done without the owner or their solicitor agreeing, preferably confirmed in writing.


Then, if access is granted, you can protect both the purchaser and yourself by writing the following letter (on plain paper) and having the purchaser sign it.  You can make appropriate changes. 





The Manager
(Name and address of your agency)

Re: address of the property


We acknowledge that we have been given the key/s to the above property for the purposes of:






We confirm that this does not constitute Possession of the property and that all key/s will be returned when we have completed our businesses at the property or forthwith on a request from the Vendor, their Solicitor or your agency.


Any work undertaken by us shall be undertaken in a good and workmanlike manner and, where relevant, in accordance with the requirements of any relevant authority. In the event that we fail to settle for the property we accept liability for the cost of restoring the property to its original condition and removing all loose materials and rubbish except that to the extent that the Vendor accepts the property as left by us and accept that there will be no financial compensation payable to us.


We acknowledge that any items left at the property are at our risk.


We also acknowledge that in the event of damage and where relevant a determination by the insurer that our conduct has in any way contributed to that damage, we may be held liable for such damage.



_______________________________________________________               __________________

(signed by purchaser)                                                                                             Date


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