Over the years, we have had unpleasant situations when purchasers have arrived at our office after hours demanding the keys to their home and we have not received authority to release keys.  This is particularly disturbing on Friday evenings or on the weekend.   After one particualarly abusive purchaser had a go at us, I developed the following fax which we sent to Vendors solicitors as soon as a sale became unconditional.    We have only ever had one objection from a lawyer but he backed down when I told him that I was going to confirm his position (to not release the ksye) in writing to him and give a copy to the purchaser if this situation arose and he had not provided written authorisation.   Problem solved.


Fax to vendors solicitor


Re:      Sale & Purchase Agreement of (address)

Vendor -          (name)
Purchaser -      (name)
With reference to the above transaction, we confirm that we are holding key/s for the property.
We are happy to retain the key/s to hand over to the Purchaser on the following basis.
During business hours: Monday to Friday
The keys will only be released upon receipt of written instructions from you.
Outside business hours:
In the absence of written instructions from you to the contrary, in the event that the purchasers arrive after 5pm on the Possession Date, the keys will be released to them without further reference to you, provided they sign confirming their understanding that settlement has been effected, as below.
If you are not agreeable to the above, you must advise us in writing.
Thank you!
Purchaser to sign before taking keys if after 5pm on Possession Date.
I, being the Purchaser or authorised signatory for the Purchaser/s of the above property, confirm that the sale has been settled and all monies paid to the Vendor.
________________________________________                _________________________
Purchaser                                                                                 Time and date
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