“Mates protecting Mates" Yeah right - Part 2
The latest report from the REAA is interesting in that it reinforces the fact that Mr Cosgrove’s justification for attacking our profession, and professional body (REINZ) were ill founded.
He stated that the REINZ investigation and handling of complaints against our Members was 1) “Mates protecting Mates”, based on the number of cases we threw out, and 2) the process was too slow, often taking an unacceptable 2 or 3 months, with more complex/serious complaints taking even longer.
Well the latest REAA report (June 2010) shows that of the 534 complaints received in the 7 months of it’s existence, the REAA has made determinations in only 57 cases.   See below.
Of those, just 2 have been referred to a disciplinary hearing (serious matters) and 6 have been declared to be “unsatisfactory conduct” i.e. a relatively minor matter.
It would seem to this observer that the speed of processing, and the rate of conviction, is well below that of the REINZ under the previous regime.
What Mr Cosgrove would not, and did not, want to hear was that when “Mates are judging Mates” in a professional body, we don’t want “Mates’ who do not live up to decent professional standards.   In fact we are more motivated than anyone else to get rid of those that tarnish our reputations.
The result of his self serving campaign is that we now have a poorly drafted piece of legislation that will cost every member dearly, and those costs will be passed on to our clients.
My observation is that the REAA is doing it’s best, and I believe they are well intentioned and very capable people, under very difficult circumstances.
The best we can now hope for is that this Government will assist them, and the REINZ, to tidy up some of the less desirable aspects of the current legislation so that the REAA can do the good work they need to do.
Meantime, the REAA should be commended for publishing these figures and the substance of the complaints, and decisions.   We can all learn from them.
From the June 2010 REAA Update

Number of:
-Complaint Assessment Committee (CAC) hearings held:
-CAC determinations made:
-Unsatisfactory Conduct:
-No further action:
-Charges laid before the Disciplinary Tribunal (by a CAC):
-Reviews of license application decisions before Disciplinary Tribunal:

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