Prior Introduction

In the event of a sale being made where an agency is aware of a prior introduction by another agency, it is strongly recommended that the selling agency advise the prior introducing agency of the sale. This should be done as soon as possible after the final signature has been secured on the agreement and acceptance conveyed. Ideally it should be done by facsimile with proof of the transmission kept on file.


For more information on this situation, read the following articles to see the preferred procedures and what can go wrong.


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1st fax as below must be sent to that agency by fax immediately the agreements have the final signature.


When the agreement becomes unconditional the 2nd fax will be sent by the office to the introducing agency.


1st Fax


Re: (address of property)


We wish to advise that we have sold the above property and understand that your company had previously introduced the same purchaser.


We will advise you of the progress of the agreement so that in the event that it becomes unconditional we can consider our respective positions.



2nd Fax


Re: (address of property)


We are pleased to advise that the above agreement has now become unconditional.

In the event that you consider you have any entitlement to the commission we invite you to state the basis of your claim in writing within ten days of the date of this letter.


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