This is a simple format for variations.  It can be on your letterhead but does not need to be.    


Any variation should state quite clearly that the change is made.  For instance if a change of price say "the purchase price shall be $........" or change of possession date then "The possession date shall be ........"


The emphasis is on the "shall be" then there is no doubt that agreement has been reached. 


If pre-printing before seeing the parties, I recommend printing PP before the names of the parties in case not all of the respective parties are present.  It is a simple reminder to yourself.



VARIATION TO Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate

Address of the property:   _____________________________________________________


We, the undersigned, being both parties to the Sale and Purchase of the above property do hereby agree to vary the agreement as follows:






_____________________________________________________         _____________

PP (name of purchaser)                                                                                    (date)

_____________________________________________________         _____________

PP (name of purchaser)                                                                                     (date)


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