Real Estate Terminology
The business of real estate is becoming increasingly complex and technical. To assist you in dealing with real estate agents we offer the following translations of commonly used real estate terminology.
Unique                           Slightly different to next door.
Superior                               Slightly better than next door.
Delightful                        Slightly worse than next door.
Cute                               Slightly smaller than next door.
Established                     Slightly older than next door.
Charming                       Exactly the same as next door.
Improved design            The last one didn't work.
New design                    Different colour from the last one.
Town House                   Unit in the suburbs.
Bargain                          Reduced nearer to what it is really worth.
Restored                        Painted in 1983.
Victorian                        Has one leaded window.
Georgian                        Has several leaded windows.
Near new                       The carpet is stained.
Luxury                           The carpet is not stained.
Well situated                  Near a main road.
Central location              Between the TAB and a takeaway bar.
Near public transport     Heavy traffic can be heard from every room.
Select development        24 identical flats each with different lino.
Tastefully modernised    Gib boarded.
Suitable for handyman   Prudent owner wouldn’t touch it.
Suitable for renovation   Falling down.
Suitable for restoration   Has fallen down.
Development potential   Owner could not get planning permission.
Lovely wooden floors    Owner could not afford carpet.
Distinctive                     Built in 1931 in imitation of Taj Mahal
Make an offer                Unsuitable for bank finance.
Below Market Price       Noboy else wants it.
Weekend retreat             Boat access only.
And, of course
Sold                               Underpriced!


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