Mike is ideally qualified to undertake arbitrations over disputes involving real estate agency matters and commission disputes in particular.


In addition to having considerable experience over many years, Mike is one of a small number* of people in the country who are Associates of both the Real Estate and Arbitrators & Mediators Institutes of New Zealand.  And some of those people do not conduct arbitrations.


The Arbitration process is similar to taking a dispute to court except that it is less formal, less expensive, confidential and can be completed in a matter of weeks rather than months, or years.

Mediation is a process where a neutral person assists the disputing parties in an endeavour to reach agreement over disputed matters.

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Published Articles


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Arbitration Agreement

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*Enquiries of the two Institutes indicate the number is less than 12 throughout the country.




He can assist and advise or he can prepare and /or present the case in an arbitration or the Real Estate Agents Discilinary Tribunal.

Mike also assists in preparing responses to complaints that are referred to a Complaints Assessment Committee.   And the best time to get assistance is as soon as the complaint notification is received.


Sadly many real estate agents have discovered to their dismay that their initial response is taken as being their defence and the next time they hear anything it is a guilty decision.   


Mike can also review potential commission disputes and advise on the issues and likelihood of a succesful claim.


To discuss this service with Mike, call on

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  Public Speaker


R. Buckminster Fuller, one of the most astute and remarkable minds of the last century said

“If humanity does not opt for integrity we are through completely. It is absolutely touch and go. Each one of us could make the difference.

On personal integrity hangs humanity's fate.”


Powerful words from this amazing man who dedicated his life to helping humanity.

Trust (Integrity) and Business
NZ research from Knight Frank found 75% of respondents no longer buy from businesses they don’t trust. More than half – 55% - said they had stopped buying from a business they didn’t trust and 61% had urged family and friends to do the same.
On the up-side, 75% said that hearing good things about a company from family and friends influenced their purchasing behaviour.

People do business with people and companies they trust.
Mike gives an intriguing, challenging and thought provoking presentation on the subject of Integrity.

He also tells stories of courage including the true account of perhaps the most remarkable incident of the 20th Century. How one man literally saved the world yet hardly anyone knows of him or the incident, despite it being absolutely verified and now well documented.

And Mike gives examples of everyday incidents that have changed the world as he refers to the practical realities of Chaos Theory.

This talk is relevant to all ages and addresses both personal and business situations.  


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